Home Office Productivity Boost: The Walking Meeting

Apple founder Steve Jobs would regularly have walking meeting with colleagues, friends and experts in related fields. Instead of sitting in his office to chat, he would walk with someone to discuss an issue or new area of interest. This was a win:win:win. Steve Jobs: Met with people and exchanged ideas Got exercise Used the…There’s more. Click here.

Boring Home Offices are as Unproductive as Cluttered Offices: Personalize Your Workspace

Everyone knows that too much stimulation (noise, clutter, interruptions) in a workspace is distracting, which leads to a decrease in focus and work efficiency. What few people know is that, for most people, a bare or boring office is just as unproductive. A bit of architectural psychology here:  Everyone needs the right amount of stimulation…There’s more. Click here.

Should You Send That Email? 5 Tips for Home Office Time Management

Email is the biggest time suck of your day, in the home office no less than in the corporate office.  A study revealed, out of 200 emails on a given day: 36 were spam, 144 were irrelevant and 20 were useful. Spam from strangers is usually self-evident (“Nigerian widow needs your help.”) and can be…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Write Board Hack: Visually Think Out-Loud with Elegance

Write boards and their many variations are a great time management and productivity tool. You can use them to keep to-do lists, plot project management, or to THINK BIG in a visual way. I used a white board to plan this website and other big projects that have several parts (moving or otherwise) and will…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Time Management Secret to “Get It Done”

Time management is a special challenge for those who work from a home office as an entrepreneur, remote worker, or freelancer. If you do remote work, your boss sets the priorities and it’s up to you to juggle all your tasks to make it happen. If you do freelance work in a home office, you…There’s more. Click here.