Home Office Reflecting Space, Thinking Chair, Resting Area: Your Place to Think, Imagine, Plan

Problem solving and creating are two sides of the same coin. If you work, you are doing one or the other. Feeding words and data into a home office computer is neither one of these. In the book Work, Life, Tools by artist and graphic designer Milton Glaser, fifty innovators, creators and artists describe their…There’s more. Click here.

Tips on Video Calls for Business Success: Skype is Not Just for Grandma

A few weeks ago I shared a post with you about home office video call and video conference bloopers, including too “casual” dress and messy home offices visible in the background.  I want to give you some tips on how to get the most out of home office video calls and conferencing. Eric Bloom of…There’s more. Click here.

The Smarter Home Office Al Fresco: 10 Tips to Improve Your Laptop Battery Life

When the weather is sunny and warm, working on a laptop outdoors beckons any remote worker or home-based entrepreneur. Getting out of your office regularly is essential for productivity and creativity , but a short-lived laptop battery can squash your plans for mobile working. A recent article on Worksnug lists ten ways to keep your…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Tip: Doodle to Jumpstart Ideas and Communicate Better

The Wall Street Journal “Doodling for Dollars” is about how major corporations are encouraging doodling to prevent boredom during meetings, better conceptualize ideas and help employees remember better.  One WSJ commentator called this “Pictionary gone wild.”  This technique can be used in the home office as well. In the home office you can doodle: during…There’s more. Click here.

The Focused Home Office: A Room Without a View

I am always learning from my clients. A recent home office client showed me that positioning a desk by the window does not always work for everyone. My client explained she wasn’t working in her home office and instead found herself working at her kitchen counter. This set-up – or lack of one – meant…There’s more. Click here.