Work Trends 2013 and the Home Office: 3 Best Tips

The latest trends in the working world and its impact on office design were outlined in a Work Trends 2013 Report by Gensler– an international architecture firm. Focused work is becoming a bigger and more important part of our work. Focused work has grown from 85% importance and 48% of your time in 2007 to…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Design for Problem Solving: Sleep On It.

How do you approach problem solving or product creation in your home office when it requires original thought or creative solutions? Do you bang it out right away? Do you wait until the last minute to get it done? The suggestion “sleep on it” has some real merit according to neuroscience. When do ideas or…There’s more. Click here.

Stop Procrastination: A Strategy to Outsmart Your Brain

Whether you are working in a home office or corporate office, procrastination is both an avoidance technique and a hurdle. This is particularly true when you are working on your own as a remote worker, free-lancer or consultant. Being self-directed in your work gives your freedom as well as the opportunity to avoid doing work.…There’s more. Click here.

Email hording: Are You a Victim of Paperless Clutter in Your Home Office?

Like piles of newspapers; old blogs, newsletters and mass mailings clutter up your home office email. You wouldn’t have your home office set-up cluttered with piles of newspapers and other paper clutter; then why have your inbox filled with email clutter? In the home office, email is a major form of communication and connection with…There’s more. Click here.

4 Best Tips for Conference Calls and Client Calls from your Home Office

Eleven Tips for Better Conference Calls was a post on WorkSnug, a UK-based blog for the mobile worker. Out of the eleven I thought four were particularly good for anyone communicating or collaborating via phone from their home office. These steps are not limited to conference calls. You can use these techniques in any one-to-one…There’s more. Click here.