Work Trends 2013 and the Home Office: 3 Best Tips

The latest trends in the working world and its impact on office design were outlined in a Work Trends 2013 Report by Gensler– an international architecture firm. Focused work is becoming a bigger and more important part of our work. Focused work has grown from 85% importance and 48% of your time in 2007 to…There’s more. Click here.

Organized Home Office Space: A Divided Home Office Creates Confusion

Like too many calendars or to-do lists, duplicates create confusion, decrease productivity and increase your chances of forgetting something important. On occasion, I work with a client with two home offices. Not in two different homes, but in the same house. And they are not happy. They all have reasons for two home offices: Their…There’s more. Click here.

Green House Home Office Dream Home Office

Graphic artist and animator Philippe Vendrolini combined creativity with practicality to create a dream home office when his growing family took over his home office space.  After much research he came up with the idea of using a charming kit greenhouse office in his back yard! At 8 x 12 feet it is large enough for…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Ideas: Bookcases For Small Spaces

Being creative with storage is a great way to add fun and personality to your home office workspace. Sometimes your home office space is very limited. The answer is a small footprint bookcase: one that is narrow and tall These three small footprint bookcases offer smart, stylish and affordable solutions:   IKEA’s Billy with a…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Tax Deductions: Tax Code Changes Impact Size and Location Of Home Office

Several years ago I was working with a client who had a new large family room next to the kitchen –  where their family and social life now centered. That left them with an unused living room and a too-small home office. We moved her home office into the living room. It was spacious with…There’s more. Click here.