Steve Jobs: Home Office as Reflection of Who You Are

Home Office vs Corporate Office Rumors abound about the Zen-like minimalism of Steve Jobs’ office at Apple headquarters. It took on a mythical status as an expression of the perfectionism and standards of the man. The truth may remain in the realm of myth and in the minds of those who worked closely with Jobs;…There’s more. Click here.

Offices of the Rich and Famous: Are They Better Than Yours?

It is easy to think everyone else has a better office than you. Everyone else is more organized than you. This is especially true when you compare yourself to people who seem to “have it all.”  This article in Lifehacker shows you the reality of the offices of Tina Fey, Bill Gates and Al Gore.…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Design – 10 Tips to Avoid Video Conference Bloopers

Many people think decorating a home office is un-necessary. All you need is a desk, a chair and a computer, period. Your home office needs to function and look like a professional office. Why? The video conference.  If you aren’t video conferencing now, you will be, soon. On a video interview about doodling to…There’s more. Click here.

New Year/New Business Card: How Can You Network Without Business Cards?

At recent networking/professional events I was startled when I asked for a person’s business card and heard “sorry I don’t have any.” Some people said they didn’t have any on them, some said they were just starting/changing their business and so didn’t have one yet. Everyone should have a business card or at least a…There’s more. Click here.