Think Big, Plan Big: For Home Office or Small Office – The Whiteyboard Review

Home office design is what makes your office more functional and attractive. Several months ago in The Smarter Home Office blog I wrote about IdeaPaint a new product that allows you to turn a wall or table into a white board. This product has recently received LEED  (green) certification and is now available at Lowe’s …There’s more. Click here.

Declutter Home Office Financial Documents: What to Save and What to Shred

January: a new year; a new start. You want to declutter your office, especially your papers and files. Financial papers and tax records present a particular challenge.  I have had some clients confess to saving every bill and receipt from the last twenty years. A recent article by Ken Belson for the New York Times…There’s more. Click here.

The Great Debate: Sit or Move in Your Home Office

Did you see the treadmill desk demonstrated by Diane Sawyer on television, Or the articles in the New York Times that proclaimed “Your chair is your enemy.” If you spend most of your day sitting, even if you are a regular at the gym, you increase your risk for not only obesity and diabetes, but…There’s more. Click here.