Green House Home Office Dream Home Office

Graphic artist and animator Philippe Vendrolini combined creativity with practicality to create a dream home office when his growing family took over his home office space.  After much research he came up with the idea of using a charming kit greenhouse office in his back yard! At 8 x 12 feet it is large enough for…There’s more. Click here.

The Focused Home Office: A Room Without a View

I am always learning from my clients. A recent home office client showed me that positioning a desk by the window does not always work for everyone. My client explained she wasn’t working in her home office and instead found herself working at her kitchen counter. This set-up – or lack of one – meant…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Productivity Boost: The Walking Meeting

Apple founder Steve Jobs would regularly have walking meeting with colleagues, friends and experts in related fields. Instead of sitting in his office to chat, he would walk with someone to discuss an issue or new area of interest. This was a win:win:win. Steve Jobs: Met with people and exchanged ideas Got exercise Used the…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office: Your Desk BY the Window – Yes; Your Desk FACING the Window – No

When I see online photos of home office makeovers, if the desk is near the window, it is up against the wall and facing out the window. The inspiration for this may be Carrie Bradshaw’s desk on Sex in the City. But her desk was arranged this way for dramatic camera angles focused on Sarah…There’s more. Click here.

Quick Home Office Energizer: Open a Window and Let Light and Life In

Recently I noticed that the sky looks bluer and more intense during the fall. During the summer it is a pale blue, while during the winter it often is a pale gray. We tend to focus on the brilliant colors of the changing foliage, but overlook the deeper blue that highlights the golds, reds and…There’s more. Click here.