Home Office Design for Problem Solving: Sleep On It.

How do you approach problem solving or product creation in your home office when it requires original thought or creative solutions? Do you bang it out right away? Do you wait until the last minute to get it done? The suggestion “sleep on it” has some real merit according to neuroscience. When do ideas or…There’s more. Click here.

3 Tips on Home Office Set-Up for Original Thinking and Strategic Planning

I am currently reading George Lois’ book Damn Good Advice (for people with talent): How to Unleash Your Creative Potential by America’s Mass Communicator.  Lois revolutionized advertising and mass communications. Sixty years later he is still challenging us to think and act creatively in the service of spreading enlightened thinking.  This book is not just…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Efficiency, Creativity and the Human Element: Technology is NOT the Solution

Part 1 of 2 As a small business owner, freelancer, or tele-communter you need to be efficient with the many aspects of your home office and business. The marketplace keeps selling you on technology as the answer. If you use the “right” computer, smartphone, tablet, peripheral, software or social media your work will be easier,…There’s more. Click here.

Mind Mapping: A Creative Technique for Getting Your Brain on Paper

A recent The Smarter Home Office blog post quoted John Cleese saying that we don’t get our ideas from our laptops. Well if you shouldn‘t use your computer to create, then what do you use? A big piece of paper, colored pens and your imagination! Remember being taught in school how to develop an outline?…There’s more. Click here.

John Cleese on Creativity: Make Space and Time Boundaries

“We don’t know where we get out ideas from. We do know we do not get them from our laptops.” – John Cleese Most people who work at home so some sort of creative work. Whether you are a free-lancer or a home-based entrepreneur you are problem-solving and thinking outside the box at least part…There’s more. Click here.