Home Office Decorating: Sleek & Simple Art Display

A bare and boring home office is an unproductive office. Home office decorating with your favorite art and photos  creates a happy and productive office. If you want to change-up your home office decorating easily and don’t want a wall full of nail holes the solution is a sleek and simple cable wire hanging system.…There’s more. Click here.

How to Keep Your Laptop Cooler: Review for Mac and PC

Summertime: you need to keep cool, keep your home office cool, and keep your laptop cool. Macs, PCs and laptops generate a lot of heat. If they overheat serious damage occurs.  I wrote a blog [link] about a green way to keep your laptop cool. This is an updated review to tell you how this…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Furniture: You’re Only As Good As Your Hardware

Last month I was in a popular home furnishings store and saw a parson’s table desk similar to this. It had a brushed metallic foil finish which had an intriguing textural quality that I liked. Then I pulled out the little drawer. It wobbled and stuck. I tried a different parson’s desk and had the…There’s more. Click here.

Small Home Office Storage Solutions: Light And Modern Bookcases

Storage for a small home office is a challenge. Going vertical – using tall bookcases with small footprints   –  is one solution. But wood or particleboard book cases can feel “heavy” in a small space. IKEA Vittsjö bookcase/étagère has a small foot print (20” x 14”) and is visually light. Vittsjö bookcase is made of…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Design: Mobile File Cabinet Tips

In home office design: If your space is limited, then finding space for an extra file cabinet can be a challenge. If you use a table for your desk in your home office and want to have a file cabinet within reach. If you are using an impromptu space to work and don’t have the…There’s more. Click here.