Home Office Tip: Doodle to Jumpstart Ideas and Communicate Better

The Wall Street Journal “Doodling for Dollars” is about how major corporations are encouraging doodling to prevent boredom during meetings, better conceptualize ideas and help employees remember better.  One WSJ commentator called this “Pictionary gone wild.”  This technique can be used in the home office as well. In the home office you can doodle: during…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Write Board Hack: Visually Think Out-Loud with Elegance

Write boards and their many variations are a great time management and productivity tool. You can use them to keep to-do lists, plot project management, or to THINK BIG in a visual way. I used a white board to plan this website and other big projects that have several parts (moving or otherwise) and will…There’s more. Click here.

Think Big, Plan Big: For Home Office or Small Office – The Whiteyboard Review

Home office design is what makes your office more functional and attractive. Several months ago in The Smarter Home Office blog I wrote about IdeaPaint a new product that allows you to turn a wall or table into a white board. This product has recently received LEED  (green) certification and is now available at Lowe’s …There’s more. Click here.

Mind Mapping: A Creative Technique for Getting Your Brain on Paper

A recent The Smarter Home Office blog post quoted John Cleese saying that we don’t get our ideas from our laptops. Well if you shouldn‘t use your computer to create, then what do you use? A big piece of paper, colored pens and your imagination! Remember being taught in school how to develop an outline?…There’s more. Click here.

Work at Home: Think (and Draw) Big with IdeaPaint

This week, October 3-9 is National Work from Home Week, honoring the people who contribute to our economy and our culture from their home offices. This week The Smarter Home Office will post a blog a day to celebrate this week and to celebrate you. “Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir…There’s more. Click here.