Organized Home Office Space: A Divided Home Office Creates Confusion

Like too many calendars or to-do lists, duplicates create confusion, decrease productivity and increase your chances of forgetting something important. On occasion, I work with a client with two home offices. Not in two different homes, but in the same house. And they are not happy. They all have reasons for two home offices: Their…There’s more. Click here.

Green House Home Office Dream Home Office

Graphic artist and animator Philippe Vendrolini combined creativity with practicality to create a dream home office when his growing family took over his home office space.  After much research he came up with the idea of using a charming kit greenhouse office in his back yard! At 8 x 12 feet it is large enough for…There’s more. Click here.

7 Home Office Productivity Tips Animated Video

Cool stop-action productivity video, no talking heads. I love animation, well done animation like The Secret of Kells, How to Train Your Dragon and Paperman. I love animation that expands my world or helps me learn something new. And is a delight in the bargain. In this week’s post you will learn 7 tips to…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Lighting Design Ideas: 1 Simple Idea and 4 Best Tips

Lighting can make or break your home office experience.  I see more mistakes in home office lighting design ideas in magazines, on television and online than I can shake a light bulb at.  It is a part of home office decorating and set-up that is either overlooked or inadequately addressed. But the effects are not…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Desk Chair Fix: Clean Wheels For A Smooth Work Day

In your home office you wipe-down or vacuum your desk chair regularly. But how often you clean under your desk chair? Flip it over and you will find an amazing amount of dust and fiber wound around the pivot stems of the chair casters and the wheels themselves embedded with grime and debris making moving…There’s more. Click here.