Home Office Productivity: Weight Loss & The Lunch Break

How to Sabotage Your Diet and Home Office Productivity, And Tips How Not To! Working through your lunch break (a pitfall in the home office) contributes to weight gain and poor home office productivity. In a recent article in Scientific American MIND a study was cited where the subjects had less intense taste experiences (food…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Decoration: Inspire Yourself with Children’s Art

NEVER take home office decoration too seriously. The matchy-poo The over-thought The over-decorated. In your home office you can express yourself more than in a corporate office. Express your personality (home office set up: art first furniture second). Have fun with whimsy. Go BIG Sometimes you need something in your home office to perk yourself…There’s more. Click here.

Printer Cartridge Ink Is $126 Per Ounce, And Other Costly “Conveniences”

Sometimes we must spend money to save time, but it’s good to know the true price of convenience. New Year is a time for reassessment, and that includes your office budget. Printer cartridges can make up a big part of your office supplies budget. As can coffee – and not just the coffee shop extravaganzas.…There’s more. Click here.

Improve Home Office Creativity and Focus: Adjustable Lighting

Adjustable home office lighting improves creativity and focus. Few of us do only one kind of task in our offices, whether in our home office or a corporate office. For most of us work involves problem-solving/creativity, focused analysis and administrative work. “A well-designed workspace must adapt to what you’re working on.” A recent study proves…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Set-Up: Art First, Furniture Second

To inspire herself, Catherine Haley Epstein, a Portland-based artist and curator, set up her home office with an “Art first, furniture second” approach: spend your money on original art and books, the furniture is secondary. She surrounds herself with her own art and art from her collection. If you are worried she is working on…There’s more. Click here.