15 Minutes to Fake a Clean Home Office and Other Silliness

I try not to take myself or my home office work too seriously. Following some online threads I came across two web posts that made me laugh. One is  about how to get a quick clean home office  and the other about a laptop chair that is better in concept than the reality of the…There’s more. Click here.

Staples Corp Survey: Ergonomics Ignored in Telecommuter Home Office Set-up

At a recent presentation of The Smarter Home Office ergonomics generated the most questions and comments. This was sharply contrasted with a survey done by Staples Corporation in 2011: only 1% of remote worker/telecommuter respondents received help from their companies on the ergonomic set-up of their home offices. And if you are self-employed or a…There’s more. Click here.

Two Simple Solutions to Computer Monitor Squint: how to make reading easier on your eyes and avoid crow’s feet.

Last week at a corporate office I saw someone leaning forward toward their computer monitor with a squinty facial expression. This common body language told me this person was having difficulty reading her computer screen. While you are reading this take a second and observe yourself. Are you leaning forward? Are you squinting? You may…There’s more. Click here.

In a WiFi World, Why is Your Desk Chained to Your Cable Outlet?

During a recent consultation, I helped a client relocated his desk from the darkest corner of the room to a comfortable space near a window (more about windows in a future post). This is not uncommon. It seems to be the norm that people position there desk in a corner near the room’s cable outlet.…There’s more. Click here.

How to Buy a New Desk Chair: The In-Store Sit Test

Last month I was buying some office supplies at my local Costco. In one of the side aisles I came across a man sitting in one of the office chairs for sale. Just sitting. He smiled and explained that he wanted to test out the chair before he bought it. I gave him a big…There’s more. Click here.