6 Best Tips for Home Office Creativity & Problem-Solving Brilliance

How to keep your creative/problem-solving juices flowing When you work in a home office you may experience “hitting the wall” at some point during the day, when you just can’t do anymore. You have run-dry. This can happen whether you are a creative or your work is data-driven. An article in Houzz listed eleven different…There’s more. Click here.

3 Tips to Set Priorities and Achieve Your Business Building Goals

Working from a home office has the distractions for which you feel personally responsible: Picking-up your kids after school and getting them to their various activities, friends asking for favors because you are at home (you’re not really working), or doing that last load of laundry. Add to that the “normal” distractions of the home…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Procrastination: 3 Reasons Why and 3 Tips to Overcome It

I recently heard Rory Vaden, author of  New York Times bestseller Take the Stairs, say the average employee wastes 2.09 hours/day. At $19.13/hr  that is $10,000+ lost per year. As your own employee, how much time and money do you loose every day? Week? Year? That is money out of your pocket. Rory states there…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Time Management Secret to “Get It Done”

Time management is a special challenge for those who work from a home office as an entrepreneur, remote worker, or freelancer. If you do remote work, your boss sets the priorities and it’s up to you to juggle all your tasks to make it happen. If you do freelance work in a home office, you…There’s more. Click here.