Attractive Home Office Filing Cabinets Go Anywhere

Function and style is a challenge for the home office; especially for home office storage. Whatever your filing style you need at least one file cabinet. But if you need to place that file cabinet where everyone can see it, your home office is in a multi-function room, or you want a more stylish home…There’s more. Click here.

Vertical Piles: Magazine Holders As A Solution for Piler-Filers

Recently I worked with a client who presented with a unique problem. As an active business woman and volunteer she was juggling several projects at once. She was a visual filer. and therefore a “piler”. She had piles of files on every horizontal surface: her desk, her office sofa and on the floor. She needed…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Furniture: You’re Only As Good As Your Hardware

Last month I was in a popular home furnishings store and saw a parson’s table desk similar to this. It had a brushed metallic foil finish which had an intriguing textural quality that I liked. Then I pulled out the little drawer. It wobbled and stuck. I tried a different parson’s desk and had the…There’s more. Click here.

Three Tips on How to Make Filing Easier: Conquering the Overstuffed File Drawer

“Filing is for retrieval, not for storage.” Karen McKenna-Veliotis, professional organizer Last week I was helping a client with some of her office files. The file drawer was so full it was impossible to get a folder in or out of the drawer without scrapped knuckles. As this was a current project, we moved the…There’s more. Click here.

Visible Storage for Your Office: Wall Mounted Solutions for Active Project Files

Juggling several projects and clients at the same time means lots of paper. My desk is only so big and I know stacking files is a recipe for confusion. So I took some advice from my own book, The Smarter Home Office: “Visible Storage” Some of my clients don’t feel comfortable with active files “hidden”…There’s more. Click here.