Make Your Home Office More Comfortable : Way Cool Laptop Stand

Design is a complex thing. What looks beautiful may not be functional. What is functional may be, well… just functional.  To make something that is both beautiful AND functional AND simple is the greatest challenge for designers. This applies to electronics, computers (remember the beige box form of early computers), everyday objects, and home office…There’s more. Click here.

Mid-Century Modern Style Home Office Needs Twenty First Century Function

The photos I see over and over in the media (television and online) of home offices Look Beautiful, but are Not Functional. I am amazed at the creativity and vision of many of them, but they are not set up to really work, let alone work for you. This is the first of a series…There’s more. Click here.

Standing Desk Ergonomics: 6 Tips How to Set-up Your Standing Desk

If you are interested in a standing desk, even for part of your workday, then you want to learn a few tips about how to set up a standing desk for good ergonomics. You use a standing desk for improved health, or if you have back problems; but working while standing without the correct adjustments…There’s more. Click here.

Laptop Stand: Why it is Essential for Home Office Ergonomics

Setting up an ergonomic home office with a laptop is a challenge. To prevent laptop hunch have your screen high enough so you can look straight ahead and the keyboard low enough so it is level with your elbows. Click here to learn more about simple ergonomics and see a helpful ergonomic diagram. To set…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Desk Chair Fix: Clean Wheels For A Smooth Work Day

In your home office you wipe-down or vacuum your desk chair regularly. But how often you clean under your desk chair? Flip it over and you will find an amazing amount of dust and fiber wound around the pivot stems of the chair casters and the wheels themselves embedded with grime and debris making moving…There’s more. Click here.