Home Office Time Management: To-Do List Truths

“If you end your day with a lot on your list, you probably started your day with email.” – Matthew Hudson Ain’t that the truth. Every time management expert, from Brian Tracy to Julie Morgenstern, tells you to start the day with your most important task. When I do this myself I find that I…There’s more. Click here.

Email hording: Are You a Victim of Paperless Clutter in Your Home Office?

Like piles of newspapers; old blogs, newsletters and mass mailings clutter up your home office email. You wouldn’t have your home office set-up cluttered with piles of newspapers and other paper clutter; then why have your inbox filled with email clutter? In the home office, email is a major form of communication and connection with…There’s more. Click here.

Should You Send That Email? 5 Tips for Home Office Time Management

Email is the biggest time suck of your day, in the home office no less than in the corporate office.  A study revealed, out of 200 emails on a given day: 36 were spam, 144 were irrelevant and 20 were useful. Spam from strangers is usually self-evident (“Nigerian widow needs your help.”) and can be…There’s more. Click here.