Improve Home Office Creativity and Focus: Adjustable Lighting

Adjustable home office lighting improves creativity and focus. Few of us do only one kind of task in our offices, whether in our home office or a corporate office. For most of us work involves problem-solving/creativity, focused analysis and administrative work. “A well-designed workspace must adapt to what you’re working on.” A recent study proves…There’s more. Click here.

Simple Home Office Desk DIY – Fit You, Your Space and Your Budget

Who says you must have a desk for your home office? My client loves her butcherblock kitchen table. Setting up her new home office she chose to use this as her desk. It is just the right size for her space and she enjoys its durable natural material. Sometime the best work surface is a…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Design: Who Says Your Desk Must be a Desk?

Looking at a photo of a sleek Crate & Barrel desk I realized I have not shared my ideas with you about what kind of home office desk to use. My last post was about the L-desk , today I am going to explain what makes a great desk. The most important aspect of a…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Set-up: The L-Desk: Space for Original Thinking

Last week I quoted ad-man George Lois about the importance of having a cleared workspace in your home office to create your “big idea.” You may have noted his office was pre-personal computers and he had a secretary for administrative work. Nowadays in the home office, and even the corporate office, you do much of…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office: Your Desk BY the Window – Yes; Your Desk FACING the Window – No

When I see online photos of home office makeovers, if the desk is near the window, it is up against the wall and facing out the window. The inspiration for this may be Carrie Bradshaw’s desk on Sex in the City. But her desk was arranged this way for dramatic camera angles focused on Sarah…There’s more. Click here.