When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Do Home Office Improvements

Home Office Improvements Are About More Than Making Things Pretty Working from your home office it is easy to focus on a project or deadline and let the physical environment of your workspace slide. It is easier to focus on your client rather than yourself. Does your home office pass the client visit test? Even…There’s more. Click here.

How to Set-up an Ergonomic Home Office: 3 Tips for Ache-free Shoulders and Back

Home office design is not just about being attractive. Home office set-up is not just about function. Home office productivity is about comfort, which means ergonomics. You can’t work at your best when you ache. True or False? Ergonomics is complicated and expensive.  FALSE Chair, Keyboard and Monitor alignment are the 3 steps of Easy…There’s more. Click here.

15 Minutes to Fake a Clean Home Office and Other Silliness

I try not to take myself or my home office work too seriously. Following some online threads I came across two web posts that made me laugh. One is  about how to get a quick clean home office  and the other about a laptop chair that is better in concept than the reality of the…There’s more. Click here.

Staples Corp Survey: Ergonomics Ignored in Telecommuter Home Office Set-up

At a recent presentation of The Smarter Home Office ergonomics generated the most questions and comments. This was sharply contrasted with a survey done by Staples Corporation in 2011: only 1% of remote worker/telecommuter respondents received help from their companies on the ergonomic set-up of their home offices. And if you are self-employed or a…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office: Why Kitchen Counter “Offices” Don’t Work

“This space for a home office in my kitchen just doesn’t work,” said a client pointing to 30 inches of counter space that was supposed to be a working space.  Her new gourmet kitchen was gorgeous with all the latest appliances and tons of storage. But the counter space designated as a built-in desk/home office…There’s more. Click here.