Home Office Efficiency, Creativity and the Human Element: How Isolation Depletes Creativity and the Need for a New Perspective

Part 2 of 2 This week’s post is the Yang to last week’s Yin. Last week I wrote about the need to disconnect from technology and make the time and space to be alone to be open to truly creative problem solving. But too much alone time, with or without technology, can be dangerous to…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office to Home Studio: Set Up A Space For Your Real Needs

Do you have a home office but really need/want a home studio? Sometimes a room is dubbed “home office” and remains so long after its original purpose has ended. It is not unusual for some of my clients to need a home studio instead of a typical home office set up. When I explore with…There’s more. Click here.

Mind Mapping: A Creative Technique for Getting Your Brain on Paper

A recent The Smarter Home Office blog post quoted John Cleese saying that we don’t get our ideas from our laptops. Well if you shouldn‘t use your computer to create, then what do you use? A big piece of paper, colored pens and your imagination! Remember being taught in school how to develop an outline?…There’s more. Click here.

John Cleese on Creativity: Make Space and Time Boundaries

“We don’t know where we get out ideas from. We do know we do not get them from our laptops.” – John Cleese Most people who work at home so some sort of creative work. Whether you are a free-lancer or a home-based entrepreneur you are problem-solving and thinking outside the box at least part…There’s more. Click here.