Home Office Organizing: Are You a Filer or a Piler?

It’s official! Professional organizers now recognize there are two valid styles of organizing papers: filing and piling. My theory: “Pilers” are visual, and once something is filed-away, out-of sight, it is gone forever. This create panic, so they pile everything where they can see it. The standard solutions for home office pilers is to get…There’s more. Click here.

The Minimalist Office: A Humorous Video Response by Yuvi Zalkow

After re-doing my home office closet and documenting it for my blog and newsletter.  And then writing another article and newsletter on the Buddha’s lesson on burdens we choose to carry, and connecting this teaching to the clutter we carry through our lives , I thought I had run our of ideas. Just in time…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Storage: Whats in Your Closet?

A closet in or near your home office or workspace is an often-overlooked storage bonanza. But few people know how easy it is to make the most of it. Does your closet look like this? A high shelf filled with reams of paper, envelopes and binders, and the floor a jumble of everything else. And…There’s more. Click here.

5 Closet Storage Tips for Your Home Office: Claim Your Closet’s Storage Potential

Very few of us have enough storage. But I am amazed at how often people overlook potential storage space that is  a few steps away. Working with a client in her home office, we were exploring options for organized storage. As her workspace was in a spare bedroom, I checked out the closet, On the…There’s more. Click here.