Simple Home Office Cable Management: Best Cable Gutter

Even though you live in a WiFi world you need to connect to the grid at some point. Home Office Cable Management is the Point. This weekend I helped a client assemble an IKEA workstation as her home office desk and learned a lot in the process. Hint: when you assemble something read through all…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Cable Conundrum: A Smile and 3 Solutions

Under my home office desk I have a power strip/surge protector. I imagine you do to. It connects me and my multitude of electronic office gizmos to a wall outlet. What amazes me is how inadequate it is for the task. Not a shortage of outlets, but a lack of space to accommodate the bulky…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Organization: 2 Ways to Hide Cables and Organize Cords

Even in a wireless world, eventually we connect with cables and electrical cords to the grid. The challenge is how to manage them all in your home office, instead of being ensnared by the octopus of cables beneath your desk. Two recent home office organizing solutions appeared online. One is a system of wall mounted…There’s more. Click here.

Easy Home Office Cable Labels: Bread Bag Tags

I have written about the sanity saving practice of labeling your cables and cords, but I came across a new approach that is brilliant in its simplicity. Unplggd posted a great DIY of using bread bag tags – those hard plastic crescents that keep the bag closed and have the “sell by” date on them.…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Cable Management: Untangle Yourself with Great New Gadgets

Yesterday I checked the Amazon sales rank of my book, The Smarter Home Office. (Authors tend to do that now and then.) It is now #2 for the Home Office Design category. Thanks to everyone for helping my book move up in the Amazon rankings, from #12 to #2. Wow!  Next stop #1! I have…There’s more. Click here.