Beware Fake Websites: Protect Your Money, Identity and Data

venus fly trap with captured fly. Avoid fake websites that trap you.

Venus Fly Trap Websites: Fake Websites Look Legitimate, But Will Take Your Money, Data and Identity. Most of us are aware of the “Nigerian Widow Bank Funds” scam. Now there are fake websites that look like well-know websites for mainstream brands and services on the World Wide Web. These websites look legitimate. They represent some click here for more

Home Office vs. Guest Room: The Murphy Bed Solution

a murphy bed, wall bed makes a home office into a guest room

You Can Convert Your Guest Room Into An Attractive and Functional Home Office One of the most common overlooked spaces for a home office is the guest room. A guest room that gets used 2 weeks out of the year, while you make-do in some odd corner of your home 52 weeks of the year. click here for more

Home Office Bookcases – Sleek Design Clears Baseboards

home office bookcase, CB2 Stairway bookcase,

Finding room in your home office for bookcases can be a challenge… let alone well-designed home office bookcases. If you have limited wall space you need to “think tall”. If you have big old-fashioned baseboards ordinary bookcases can be unsupported because of the gap between the back of the home office bookcases and the wall click here for more