How to Zoom Computer Screen: For PC and Mac

zoom computer screen, woman sitting hunched over her laptop.

Zoom computer screen is not just for those who need glasses. How often do you lean forward or squint to see your computer screen? One solution is to move the screen closer, a better solution is to zoom computer screen. Using your computer’s zoom function supports good home office ergonomics. How to Zoom Computer Screen: […]

Home Office Productivity: The Sleep Solution

home office productivity, How Much Sleep do you Need?

Americans are chronically sleep deprived. Learn how this impacts your home office productivity How Much Sleep Do You Need? Is a short (3 ½ minute) animated video by the guys at ASAPScience. See how test subjects responded to 8, 6 and 4 hours of sleep a night over 14 days. People who got 8 hours […]

Linus Torvald Home Office Design: What’s Right and Wrong

Linus Torvald home office, cluttered desk

Linus Torvald home office revealed to the world. It looks like the average home office: tech-focused, bare and cluttered. (In case you are like me and need an introduction, Linus Torvald is the developer of Linux software, an open-source program challenging Microsoft’s world domination.) Pride of place in the office is Torvald’s new treadmill desk. […]