Time Management, Productivity and Creativity

Your time is limited, productivity expectations are increasing; all while you have to come up with creative solutions.
Tips include:
• Time Management
• Workspace Set-up
• Procrastination Busters
• Work-Life Balance
• Effective Communication

Tips to Support Work-Life Balance – Using Your Home Office Space

There are many differences between working for others and working for yourself from a home office. One difference: there is always something more to do, one more follow-up, one more outreach, one more detail on a product or service in development. The battle between “done, not perfect”, versus the need to stand out from your…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Advantage: How One Entrepreneur Improved His Business

Why work from home? If you have a home-based business, if you are a consultant or small entrepreneur you are already working from home. If you work in a large corporate office, here is a simple and sound reason to work from home regularly: to focus on a project or task without the gazillion inevitable…There’s more. Click here.

Stop Procrastination: A Strategy to Outsmart Your Brain

Whether you are working in a home office or corporate office, procrastination is both an avoidance technique and a hurdle. This is particularly true when you are working on your own as a remote worker, free-lancer or consultant. Being self-directed in your work gives your freedom as well as the opportunity to avoid doing work.…There’s more. Click here.

Email hording: Are You a Victim of Paperless Clutter in Your Home Office?

Like piles of newspapers; old blogs, newsletters and mass mailings clutter up your home office email. You wouldn’t have your home office set-up cluttered with piles of newspapers and other paper clutter; then why have your inbox filled with email clutter? In the home office, email is a major form of communication and connection with…There’s more. Click here.

4 Best Tips for Conference Calls and Client Calls from your Home Office

Eleven Tips for Better Conference Calls was a post on WorkSnug, a UK-based blog for the mobile worker. Out of the eleven I thought four were particularly good for anyone communicating or collaborating via phone from their home office. These steps are not limited to conference calls. You can use these techniques in any one-to-one…There’s more. Click here.