Time Management, Productivity and Creativity

Your time is limited, productivity expectations are increasing; all while you have to come up with creative solutions.
Tips include:
• Time Management
• Workspace Set-up
• Procrastination Busters
• Work-Life Balance
• Effective Communication

Animated Story of Introversion, Extroversion and the Development of Apple

“That’s what work is: It is a vacillation between collaboration and solitary exploration.” – Seth Godin. Whether you work at home occasionally or all the time your work involves some collaboration with others. Some people are challenged by solitary exploration. Some struggle with collaboration. Collaboration occurs during a formal meeting or an informal conversation. The…There’s more. Click here.

Small Business Productivity Tip: When To Say “No.”

“If your answer isn’t OMG YES!, then it should be no.” You live and work in a 24/7 world of opportunities and obligations. Keeping focused and productive is a challenge. It is so easy to say “yes” because it makes someone else happy. But is it a good use of your time and energy? Several…There’s more. Click here.

7 Home Office Productivity Tips Animated Video

Cool stop-action productivity video, no talking heads. I love animation, well done animation like The Secret of Kells, How to Train Your Dragon and Paperman. I love animation that expands my world or helps me learn something new. And is a delight in the bargain. In this week’s post you will learn 7 tips to…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Productivity: Brain Food, Mood Food, Comfort Food

Feed your head. – Jefferson Airplane During these dreary last weeks of winter I have found myself craving comfort foods: cookies, mac and cheese, breads. You know – the “bad” stuff. While doing my taxes (I am not good with numbers) I experienced a brain ache. This was not a headache, but more like a…There’s more. Click here.

Small Business Time Management Tips Grow Your Business: So Few of Me

Do you find yourself working in your business, instead of on your small business all the time? Are you caught up in the day-to-day tasks and mini-crises of your business? Have you ever been so busy you wanted to clone yourself? Leo, the hero of So Few of Me by Peter H Reynolds does just…There’s more. Click here.