Time Management, Productivity and Creativity

Your time is limited, productivity expectations are increasing; all while you have to come up with creative solutions.
Tips include:
• Time Management
• Workspace Set-up
• Procrastination Busters
• Work-Life Balance
• Effective Communication

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Home Office Productivity: Weight Loss & The Lunch Break

home office desk is no place for mealtime

How to Sabotage Your Diet and Home Office Productivity, And Tips How Not To! Working through your lunch break (a pitfall in the home office) contributes to weight gain and poor home office productivity. In a recent article in Scientific American MIND a study was cited where the subjects had less intense taste experiences (food click here for more

6 Best Tips for Home Office Creativity & Problem-Solving Brilliance

woman slumped on desk, asleep

How to keep your creative/problem-solving juices flowing When you work in a home office you may experience “hitting the wall” at some point during the day, when you just can’t do anymore. You have run-dry. This can happen whether you are a creative or your work is data-driven. An article in Houzz listed eleven different click here for more

Animated Story of Introversion, Extroversion and the Development of Apple

Cartoon of animal meeting with dogs making the most noise.

“That’s what work is: It is a vacillation between collaboration and solitary exploration.” – Seth Godin. Whether you work at home occasionally or all the time your work involves some collaboration with others. Some people are challenged by solitary exploration. Some struggle with collaboration. Collaboration occurs during a formal meeting or an informal conversation. The click here for more

Small Business Productivity Tip: When To Say “No.”

If your answer isn't OMG Yes! then

“If your answer isn’t OMG YES!, then it should be no.” You live and work in a 24/7 world of opportunities and obligations. Keeping focused and productive is a challenge. It is so easy to say “yes” because it makes someone else happy. But is it a good use of your time and energy? Several click here for more