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How to Keep Your Laptop Cooler: Review for Mac and PC

Summertime: you need to keep cool, keep your home office cool, and keep your laptop cool. Macs, PCs and laptops generate a lot of heat. If they overheat serious damage occurs.  I wrote a blog [link] about a green way to keep your laptop cool. This is an updated review to tell you how this…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Back To The Future: Office Technology Predictions in 1967

In this short video clip newsman Walter Cronkite demonstrates the marvels of the home office of the twenty first century. Some predictions are remarkably accurate: the “electronic correspondence machine” allows access to news, weather reports and stock market data via a computer screen; video telephone calls; and printers. All presented in a way that made…There’s more. Click here.

A Fun Way To Organize And Display Your Home Office Books

January is National Organizing Month. This is a great time to make your home office more organized and productive. Start by organizing your books. You have reference books in your home office on your expertise or on the business of business. If your books are stacked on the floor or are spilling off the shelves…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Exercises: 10 Desk Exercise Videos to Help You Stay Fit

As I have had several recent posts about ergonomics, standing desks and treadmill desks, I want to share some home office exercises with you that will help burn calories or at least help you release some of the stiffness and muscle tension which accompanies your work day. 10 Home Office Exercise Videos to Help You…There’s more. Click here.

Keep your Laptop Cool: A Handy Kitchen Solution

Keep your Laptop Cool: A Handy Kitchen Solution – Not the Freezer ;-)   More and more of my clients are using a laptop, not a desk top, for their home office. Laptops have become powerful, portable work tools. One of the downsides is they tend to overheat. This shortens the life of your laptop…There’s more. Click here.