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Printer Cartridge Ink Is $126 Per Ounce, And Other Costly “Conveniences”

Sometimes we must spend money to save time, but it’s good to know the true price of convenience. New Year is a time for reassessment, and that includes your office budget. Printer cartridges can make up a big part of your office supplies budget. As can coffee – and not just the coffee shop extravaganzas.…There’s more. Click here.

Fast Company Features The Smarter Home Office

FastCompany is a magazine, website and international profiler of cutting edge business people and trends. I was contacted by business writer Laura Vanderkam about home office design and set-up. Her article 10 Quick Tips To Create A Home Office You’ll Actually Want To Work now on Yours truly is quoted there. So this…There’s more. Click here.

Innovative Office Design: Sexy or Counter-Productive?

A story in about a Plantronics office talked about how this office was designed for telecommunters. The focus of the article was on the corporate philosophy that supported employees working from home and the technology in the corporate headquarters that would support remote workers. Looking at this photo of the office design it appears…There’s more. Click here.

Color for Your Home Office Space: Bright Bold Colors from Poppin

Do you get bored by the drab look of your home office? Are you inspired by the pure white décor of the minimalist offices online? Are you frustrated with the limited color options available at your local office supply store? Meet Poppin. Poppin has home office supplies, organizers and decor in 8 bright colors plus…There’s more. Click here.

Make Your Home Office More Comfortable : Way Cool Laptop Stand

Design is a complex thing. What looks beautiful may not be functional. What is functional may be, well… just functional.  To make something that is both beautiful AND functional AND simple is the greatest challenge for designers. This applies to electronics, computers (remember the beige box form of early computers), everyday objects, and home office…There’s more. Click here.