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Printer Ink Costs: 9 Tips to Save Ink and Money

Not All of That Expensive Printer Ink Ever Hits the Page. Not only is printer ink wasted when you clean the printer heads, but it is also wasted whenever you turn on your printer. All that noise you hear is an automatic “maintenance mode” head cleaning. Ever wonder where all your color ink goes when…There’s more. Click here.

Cool Home Office – 3 Tips to Beat the Heat

Cool Home Office – 3 Tips to Be Comfortable; Save Money Working from your home office during hot weather can be uncomfortable, unpleasant and unproductive. Here are 3 simple tips for a cool home office by being smart(er). The biggest complaint in corporate offices (after noisy distractions) is the temperature. In your home office, you…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Pictures Without Nail Holes

Home Office Pictures Stress-free and Nail-free. A boring home office is just as unproductive as a cluttered home office. Having artwork in your home office is more than pretty, it is important to your function. A big stumbling block for home office pictures may be the thought of hanging a picture and getting it wrong,…There’s more. Click here.

Simple Home Office Cable Management: Best Cable Gutter

Even though you live in a WiFi world you need to connect to the grid at some point. Home Office Cable Management is the Point. This weekend I helped a client assemble an IKEA workstation as her home office desk and learned a lot in the process. Hint: when you assemble something read through all…There’s more. Click here.

Beware Fake Websites: Protect Your Money, Identity and Data

Venus Fly Trap Websites: Fake Websites Look Legitimate, But Will Take Your Money, Data and Identity. Most of us are aware of the “Nigerian Widow Bank Funds” scam. Now there are fake websites that look like well-know websites for mainstream brands and services on the World Wide Web. These websites look legitimate. They represent some…There’s more. Click here.