Organize with Smart Storage

Getting your home office organized involves more than attractive bins and pretty labels. Not all storage solutions work for everyone. Check out these great ideas and discover the ones that work best for you.

Organizing the Bookcase: A Quick Video for Inspiration (and a Smile)

If the cold weather in the Northeast is keeping you indoors more than you want, try improving your indoor space now.  Then, when the warmer weather arrives – and it will – you can have quilt-free outdoor fun. Sometimes it is easier to un-clutter and organize when you get quick, visible results. Organizing your bookcases…There’s more. Click here.

5 Closet Storage Tips for Your Home Office: Claim Your Closet’s Storage Potential

Very few of us have enough storage. But I am amazed at how often people overlook potential storage space that is  a few steps away. Working with a client in her home office, we were exploring options for organized storage. As her workspace was in a spare bedroom, I checked out the closet, On the…There’s more. Click here.

Label Your Cables: The Overlooked Part of Cable Management

Label Your Cables: How to avoid complications when computer troubleshooting

There's more. Click here.

Declutter Home Office Financial Documents: What to Save and What to Shred

January: a new year; a new start. You want to declutter your office, especially your papers and files. Financial papers and tax records present a particular challenge.  I have had some clients confess to saving every bill and receipt from the last twenty years. A recent article by Ken Belson for the New York Times…There’s more. Click here.

Your Home Office File Cabinet: The Good, The Bad and the Ugly

An increasing number of home office furniture options are now available to the work-at-home mom, entrepreneur and telecommuter. One client had a cheap shallow file cabinet (left over from her grad school days) that she could barely open. She confessed that she stacked papers around her desk because it was too hard to open her…There’s more. Click here.