Organize with Smart Storage

Getting your home office organized involves more than attractive bins and pretty labels. Not all storage solutions work for everyone. Check out these great ideas and discover the ones that work best for you.

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Steve Jobs: Home Office as Reflection of Who You Are

steve jobs in his home office

Home Office vs Corporate Office Rumors abound about the Zen-like minimalism of Steve Jobs’ office at Apple headquarters. It took on a mythical status as an expression of the perfectionism and standards of the man. The truth may remain in the realm of myth and in the minds of those who worked closely with Jobs; There’s more. Click here.

3 Reasons To Declutter And Organize Your Files Now, Plus Tips on How

Bull dog clip with label

3 Reasons To Declutter And Organize Your Home Office Files Now, Plus Tips on How You want to keep your New Year’s Resolution to be more organized, and avoid the guilt. You want to get a headstart on organizing your receipts for tax preparation and avoid the last-minute scramble that overlooks tax breaks you deserve. There’s more. Click here.

Vertical Piles: Magazine Holders As A Solution for Piler-Filers

bookcase with magazine holders

Recently I worked with a client who presented with a unique problem. As an active business woman and volunteer she was juggling several projects at once. She was a visual filer. and therefore a “piler”. She had piles of files on every horizontal surface: her desk, her office sofa and on the floor. She needed There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Organizing: Are You a Filer or a Piler?

random papers in piles on a rug with cat

It’s official! Professional organizers now recognize there are two valid styles of organizing papers: filing and piling. My theory: “Pilers” are visual, and once something is filed-away, out-of sight, it is gone forever. This create panic, so they pile everything where they can see it. The standard solutions for home office pilers is to get There’s more. Click here.

Small Home Office Storage Solutions: Light And Modern Bookcases

IKEA Vittsjo bookcase in steel and glass

Storage for a small home office is a challenge. Going vertical – using tall bookcases with small footprints   –  is one solution. But wood or particleboard book cases can feel “heavy” in a small space. IKEA Vittsjö bookcase/étagère has a small foot print (20” x 14”) and is visually light. Vittsjö bookcase is made of There’s more. Click here.