Looks Beautiful, Not Functional Home Offices

A series of reviews of home office design examples and new ideas that will improve your home office so it is not only lovely to look at, but enjoyable to work in.

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Home Office Furniture: You’re Only As Good As Your Hardware

home office with parson's desk and aluminum chair

Last month I was in a popular home furnishings store and saw a parson’s table desk similar to this. It had a brushed metallic foil finish which had an intriguing textural quality that I liked. Then I pulled out the little drawer. It wobbled and stuck. I tried a different parson’s desk and had the click here for more

Mid-Century Modern Style Home Office Needs Twenty First Century Function

home office with mid-century modern orange chair and abstract painting

The photos I see over and over in the media (television and online) of home offices Look Beautiful, but are Not Functional. I am amazed at the creativity and vision of many of them, but they are not set up to really work, let alone work for you. This is the first of a series click here for more