Home Office Furniture

What are the smartest furniture choices for your home office? How do you test an office chair before you buy? How to avoid “laptop hunch” and other pain-triggers? Discover ergonomics made simple. Recommendations are based on 20 years’ experience working with home office clients.

Home Office Design: Sitting Kills You: Is a Standing Desk the Solution?

Last week, at a presentation for Betsy Trethewey’s professional sales seminar for realtors, several people asked me about standing desks in home office design. There is a lot of coverage in the media (“Sitting Kills You”) on the fact that sitting for a long time on a daily basis (most people’s worklife) has a negative…There’s more. Click here.

How to Buy a New Desk Chair: The In-Store Sit Test

Last month I was buying some office supplies at my local Costco. In one of the side aisles I came across a man sitting in one of the office chairs for sale. Just sitting. He smiled and explained that he wanted to test out the chair before he bought it. I gave him a big…There’s more. Click here.

Three Reasons Why You Should Avoid “Decorator” Chairs in Your Home Office: When Pretty Must Take a Back Seat to Comfort

One of my clients had used a dining room chair as a desk chair for years. When she got a “real” office chair for her home office (at my urging), she was thrilled with how much more comfortable she was working at home. After the deluge of catalogues for holiday gift giving, we now have…There’s more. Click here.

The Desk Hutch: Why You DON’T Want One in Your Home Office

The “desk hutch” is something you will find in many home office catalogues and online decorating sites and blogs. I am here to tell you that they are a waste of valuable desktop real estate. In the last The Smarter Home Office post we talked about the need for a large work surface on you…There’s more. Click here.

Desk Tops: Size Matters in the Home Office Too

Factoid: the amount of information crossing your desk has increased by 600%, while the size of the average desk has decreased by 37%. What I too often see in stores and catalogues for home office desks are: “Computer desks” – furniture that is just big enough to hold a monitor, keyboard and PCU, period. No…There’s more. Click here.