Home Office Furniture

What are the smartest furniture choices for your home office? How do you test an office chair before you buy? How to avoid “laptop hunch” and other pain-triggers? Discover ergonomics made simple. Recommendations are based on 20 years’ experience working with home office clients.

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Home Office Bookshelf Solutions for Every Office

overflowing home office bookshelf

Book Love Deserves a Home Office Bookshelf to Love “A house is not a home without at least one book case full of books.” – BookShelfPorn.com I believe: A home office is not an office without at least one book case full of books; for the simple reason that a bookcase makes a home office There’s more. Click here.

Home Office vs. Guest Room: The Murphy Bed Solution

a murphy bed, wall bed makes a home office into a guest room

You Can Convert Your Guest Room Into An Attractive and Functional Home Office One of the most common overlooked spaces for a home office is the guest room. A guest room that gets used 2 weeks out of the year, while you make-do in some odd corner of your home 52 weeks of the year. There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Bookcases – Sleek Design Clears Baseboards

home office bookcase, CB2 Stairway bookcase,

Finding room in your home office for bookcases can be a challenge… let alone well-designed home office bookcases. If you have limited wall space you need to “think tall”. If you have big old-fashioned baseboards ordinary bookcases can be unsupported because of the gap between the back of the home office bookcases and the wall There’s more. Click here.

Flexible Office Space: Flexible Home Office Ideas from Google Garage

Googles Garage for creative collaboration. A flexible workspace with furniture on wheels.

Funky, Functional and Fun A video in Fast Company shows how Google set up a flexible workspace for creative collaboration: Google Garage. Everything is on wheels. Tables can be moved and re-configured. Casual seating is a mini-van back seat on a platform with wheels. Power supplies are on a ceiling grid and outlets can be There’s more. Click here.

Attractive Home Office Filing Cabinets Go Anywhere

attractive home office file cabinets

Function and style is a challenge for the home office; especially for home office storage. Whatever your filing style you need at least one file cabinet. But if you need to place that file cabinet where everyone can see it, your home office is in a multi-function room, or you want a more stylish home There’s more. Click here.