Home Office Design Ideas

Get tips and ideas on how to set-up and design your home office for productivity, comfort and style. Here you will find the best choices for you, your work life and your work space.

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Home Office Decorating: Sleek & Simple Art Display

Ikea dignitet curtain hanging system used to display artwork

A bare and boring home office is an unproductive office. Home office decorating with your favorite art and photos  creates a happy and productive office. If you want to change-up your home office decorating easily and don’t want a wall full of nail holes the solution is a sleek and simple cable wire hanging system. click here for more

Home Office Decoration: Inspire Yourself with Children’s Art

illustration of a white rabbit on a tree swing

NEVER take home office decoration too seriously. The matchy-poo The over-thought The over-decorated. In your home office you can express yourself more than in a corporate office. Express your personality (home office set up: art first furniture second). Have fun with whimsy. Go BIG Sometimes you need something in your home office to perk yourself click here for more

Improve Home Office Creativity and Focus: Adjustable Lighting

home office with poor lighting

Adjustable home office lighting improves creativity and focus. Few of us do only one kind of task in our offices, whether in our home office or a corporate office. For most of us work involves problem-solving/creativity, focused analysis and administrative work. “A well-designed workspace must adapt to what you’re working on.” A recent study proves click here for more

A Little Green Boosts Office Productivity, Without Spending a Lot of Green

photo close up of potted green plant

I love it when I find more scientific proof for something I strongly believe in intuitively. I have been telling people to connect with nature in their home office for years, either by moving their desk near a window or adding a plant to their desk. Norwegian Wood Two studies done in Norway demonstrated that click here for more