Home Office Design Ideas

Get tips and ideas on how to set-up and design your home office for productivity, comfort and style. Here you will find the best choices for you, your work life and your work space.

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Linus Torvald Home Office Design: What’s Right and Wrong

Linus Torvald home office revealed to the world. It looks like the average home office: tech-focused, bare and cluttered. (In case you are like me and need an introduction, Linus Torvald is the developer of Linux software, an open-source program challenging Microsoft’s world domination.) Pride of place in the office is Torvald’s new treadmill desk.…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Book Shelves Above the Window and Door.

Sometimes I Find the Best Design Ideas for Home Office Book Shelves by Looking at Homes and Offices Before Technology. Years ago I was enamored of the charming home interiors of 19th Century Swedish artist Carl Larsson. He and his artist wife, Karin, made their simple home welcoming and unique with hand-painted and hand-woven interior…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Design Tip: Use Smartphone as Picture Level

In recent articles I have been encouraging you to use home office design tips to personalize, energize and inspire yourself with artwork in your home office. Selecting your art is one thing; hanging it can be quite another. Doing a good job of hanging a print or photo requires more than a hammer – you…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Decorating: Sleek & Simple Art Display

A bare and boring home office is an unproductive office. Home office decorating with your favorite art and photos  creates a happy and productive office. If you want to change-up your home office decorating easily and don’t want a wall full of nail holes the solution is a sleek and simple cable wire hanging system.…There’s more. Click here.

Home Office Decoration: Inspire Yourself with Children’s Art

NEVER take home office decoration too seriously. The matchy-poo The over-thought The over-decorated. In your home office you can express yourself more than in a corporate office. Express your personality (home office set up: art first furniture second). Have fun with whimsy. Go BIG Sometimes you need something in your home office to perk yourself…There’s more. Click here.