Updating An Office For Increased Comfort

“I don’t really like spending time in my home office.”

Jane had previously used her home office only for online research, emails and bills. In the midst of writing a book she felt the set-up of her space was working against her.

Before Home Office ChangesJane’s computer desk had no room for her work, while her files where on the other side of the room.

Jane’s home office displayed her personality but was not comfortable or efficient. She had back and wrist pain. Jane worked at a small computer desk with barely enough room for her monitor and keyboard and no room for her legs underneath. Her chair was borrowed from the dining room. She had a wonderful table lamp, but it was placed on a nearby bureau – too far away to illuminate her work surface. Her files were on the other side of the room, and there was no room for her reading chaise.

“You made all the difference in how I think of my work at home.”

Home office afterJane purchased a larger desk with a keyboard tray and moved her file cabinet right next to it.

With her new desk chair, Jane works more comfortably and there is space for her vintage reading chaise.

First we selected a larger desk with a keyboard tray and room for both Jane’s monitor and her papers. Then we moved her two file cabinets under the window to create a “working L” and to make access to her files easier. The table lamp was moved onto her desk and the tall bookcase in the corner was moved to the opposite corner, making it more accessible and allowing room for her reading chaise near a favorite painting. Then Jane purchased a real desk chair, which now gives her support and mobility.

“I love how I can simply swivel my chair and get to my files. And now my desk is big enough I don’t have to move all my stuff to another room to spread out when I work.”