Re-Arranging And Re-Purposing For A Re-Newed Home Office

“I need to re-fresh and re-energize my home office.”

Home office beforeJackie’s desk was in a dark corner with her printer out of reach.

Jackie converted part of her dining room into her office because she wanted to be centrally located in her home. She loves to sit at her dining table with a cup of coffee or a meal and look out the window at the trees and sky. Jackie admitted she did not like sitting at her desk and did so only when necessary. The printer was out-of-reach in the corner and the desk was poorly illuminated with a small boudoir lamp with a dark shade that cut down on the light. There was a second desk in the corner, which was custom-made for her previous home, but didn’t work here and ended up as a dumping spot. The room was decorated with generic and lifeless prints purchased at a box store.

home office afterMoving her dining table made space for her desk to face the room and her fantastic window view.

Home Office after photoNow Jackie’s printer is easy to reach and she re-purposed a recliner for work away from her desk.

“I loved how I was able to implement the changes immediately.”

We wanted to move Jackie’s desk so she was not facing a wall. To make room for this, we moved her dining table up against the side wall. (Her entertaining style is casual and she uses the table twice a year.) This made room to move the desk while preserving access to her favorite view. Her desk was rotated 90°, allowing her to face into the room and glance up at her window view. Her file cabinet and side table were arranged to make a “working L” and allow her printer to be closer to her desk. We adjusted the height of her desk chair for improved ergonomics. Recognizing that her former desk was taking up space, she gave it to her thrilled nephew. Into that corner we moved an underused recliner from her living room and added a funky vintage lamp. Now, when Jackie feels restless at her desk, she can work with her laptop in her reading chair. The boudoir lamp was replaced by a taller table lamp – giving her work surface more light. The generic prints were replaced by family photos and a very personal vision board.

“Thank you again for optimizing my office for the best possible results. I was very impressed with your knowledge and expertise. Your suggestions were excellent. I got a lot more out of our consult than I expected and I know the changes are going to bring me new business in the new year.”