Claiming Space For A Home Office In An Under-Used Room

“I wanted to create a more inspiring place in which to work and I didn’t know how.”

When I first worked with Michele her home office was in a corner of her dark basement under a fluorescent fixture. An uncomfortable and un-inspiring place to work. Meanwhile, her guest room with wonderful morning light was used only occasionally.Home office beforeMichele’s guest room was rarely used, while she worked in the cellar.

“Moving my office upstairs made a huge difference in how I feel working in my office.”

Home office afterMichele now uses a beloved antique table as her desk and enjoys her sun-filled office.

Home Office After PhotosHer lighting is greatly improved (both natural and artificial) and there is room for files and inspiration.

I suggested that the guest room was perfect for a home office and could serve a dual purpose as a guest room. She deserved to enjoy the spaciousness and natural light on a daily basis, rather than saving it for the rare overnight guest. The bed was replaced with the latest air bed – stored in a nearby closet. Her desk was moved upstairs and placed perpendicular to the window. The unused antique table was moved from the opposite wall to create a “working L”, making the printer easy to reach. A new lamp supplemented the daylight. Bookcases were arranged nearby to hold reference material and personal treasures. (In these photos Michele decorated her office for the Christmas holidays.) As an additional bonus, the former office space downstairs is now her brightly painted creativity studio.

“What a difference windows and accessibility make to my productivity! Linda situated the desk so that I can enjoy two different window views instead of staring at the walls. Now my printer and files are within easy reach. Now instead of rare use, I use this room—with pleasure—every single day!”