Home Office Storage: Whats in Your Closet?

A closet in or near your home office or workspace is an often-overlooked storage bonanza. But few people know how easy it is to make the most of it. Does your closet look like this?

Home Office Closet Before The Smarter Home Office

Home Office Closet – disorganized with wasted space

A high shelf filled with reams of paper, envelopes and binders, and the floor a jumble of everything else. And the space in-between wasted. Well I had a closet like that and decided to do something about it. Not ready to have a custom closet or built-in shelves, I used a bit of creative thinking and DIY initiative.

Home Office Closet After The Smarter Home Office

After: the home office closet holds 3 times as much

  • The top (built-in) shelf with boxes of file folders and larger mailers worked well for me, so I left it as is.
  • I needed a shelving unit that was tall, narrow and strong to fit into the closet and hold a heavy box. I got galvanized metal shelves at IKEA (Hyllis $16) and positioned it in my small closet. I purposely did not get deep shelves, so I could see everything easily and not have to grope for lost items that got shoved to the back,
  • On the top shelf are clear plastic bins with lids (also IKEA, $3) that hold my office supplies. Like is grouped with like: glue, staples, tape and paper clips are in one bin; pens, pencils, leads, and erasers are in another. A stack of my book is on top of a third.
  • On the next shelf is a cozy place for a computer projector – for my presentations. Stacking bins hold my marketing materials and next to them are boxes of envelopes.
  • Below that is a shelf with a large bin with miscellaneous larger things, such as my external hard drive, and a folder with various instruction manuals.
  • On the bottom shelf is the large box filled with reams of paper of various colors and thicknesses. Tip: These are placed on-end in the box, so I can simply reach in and pull out the paper I need without moving other reams or boxes of paper around.
  • On the floor of the closet is a wooden cube with catalogues for reference. On top of that (and in front of the box of paper) is my “portable office” bag which I take with me on consultations.
  • Inside the closet door I used a 3M Command® hook to hold my laptop backpack.

With some ingenuity, a good set of shelves and plastic bins, I can now store three times as much stuff in my office closet. And in a way that makes it easy to find what I need. The best thing is – I can close the door and not see it – no more visual clutter! Let me know how you have used your office closet. Do you have unique storage problems?  What ways did you find to make a closet work for you? Learn more about home office storage solutions in The Smarter Home Office: 8 simple solutions to increase your income, inspiration and comfort.