Procrastination and Web Distractions: Web Blocks to Help Your “Won’t Power”

“Won’t Power” is what my mother called “will power.”

Solve Procratination: Internet Locks

The solution for procrastination: Internet blocks

Whatever the name, 24/7 connectivity can be the enemy of efficiency and productivity.  Modern Technology gives us new ways to procrastinate, like surfing the net or browsing FaceBook.

I have discovered software solutions that block access to the web for specific periods of time, thus allowing you to focus on the project at hand.

Three popular internet blockers or filters are:

  • SelfControl for Mac
  • Freedom for Windows and Mac
  • LeechBlock: a Firefox add-on for Windows/Mac/Linux

SelfControl allows you to select websites to block (blacklist) and websites to access (whitelist) and set a timer to active your choices. SelfControl allows you to block email, FaceBook, Twitter, etc. and still have access to the rest of the web for research. SelfControl is shareware – which is free, but a donation to the designer helps to support his work.

Freedom gives you a free trial and then it costs $10. Freedom locks everything for up to eight hours. It can also shut down email. There is also a version called “AntiSocial” which just shuts down social media for selected periods of time. AntiSocial costs $15.

LeechBlock is a free popular add-on for Firefox browser users. You can set up to six different site blocks with different times and days for each block. For example you can block access form 9-12 and 1-5 allowing full use of the internet during your lunch break. You can set it up to allow access for 10 minutes out of every hour. Or you can set it up to stop surfing at bedtime to prevent traveling the world wide web into the wee hours of the morning. If you need a reality check, LeechBlock can also track how much time you spend browsing selected sites.

Here are links to the blocking software:




If your “won’t power” needs a little help, then use smart technology to support you and your goals.

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photo by colin allen