Home Office Cable Management: Untangle Yourself with Great New Gadgets

Yesterday I checked the Amazon sales rank of my book, The Smarter Home Office. (Authors tend to do that now and then.) It is now #2 for the Home Office Design category. Thanks to everyone for helping my book move up in the Amazon rankings, from #12 to #2. Wow!  Next stop #1!

Home Office cable Bundler by 3M

Home Office Cable Bundler by 3M

I have been a big fan of 3M’s (the Scotch® tape and Post-It® note people) Command® line of removable hooks and clips for many years. No nail holes or marks left on your walls.* Shopping for some Command hooks for my own office, I discovered 3M now has several new products, including a cable organizer.

The cable organizer helps you bundle and hang electrical cords and cables out of the way. Cable bundles can be attached to a wall or the hidden side of desks. They can be used in offices, studios, workshops or behind your entertainment system. You can learn more about 3M cable organizers here. And while you are visiting their website, mouse over to the left and click on “home office” to see a short video about other office organizing tools.

Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest.

To learn more about simple solutions for your home (or corporate) office, click here.

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*Please note: I am just a fan of these well-thought-out products. I have no connection with 3M Corporation.