Visible Storage for Your Office: Wall Mounted Solutions for Active Project Files

Juggling several projects and clients at the same time means lots of paper. My desk is only so big and I know

Visible Stoarge for Your Office: Wall Mounted Solutions for Active Projects

Visible Storage for Your Office

stacking files is a recipe for confusion. So I took some advice from my own book, The Smarter Home Office: “Visible Storage”

Some of my clients don’t feel comfortable with active files “hidden” in file cabinets; they want to have things out where they can see them. But you have only so much desktop space and want to avoid stacking papers on the floor.

Visible filing may be the answer. You can use a wall mounted file holder, like the ones you see in doctors’ offices, either single file bins or the kind that come in a vertical row.

I recently purchased and installed a set of vertical file bins on my home office wall for my current projects. It is an easy reach from my desk chair. Current priorities are kept top of mind because they are visible. They are easy to grab and easier to “file” away. One unexpected benefit is that if a random thought about the project comes to mind, I can simply get the file, jot a note on the designated note sheet in the front of the file and return it to its bin. No more scrambling on my desktop or in my file drawer. Once the project is completed the file goes into my file cabinet – making room for new work.

Make sure your vertical file bins are labeled, kept up-to-date and not used as a wall-mounted trash basket.

If you would like to learn more about how to set up your office – at home or in the corporate world, check out my book The Smarter Home Office: 8 simple steps to increase your income, inspiration and comfort.