Organizing the Bookcase: A Quick Video for Inspiration (and a Smile)

If the cold weather in the Northeast is keeping you indoors more than you want, try improving

View a creative way to organize your books

Photo from video by Sean and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp

your indoor space now.  Then, when the warmer weather arrives – and it will – you can have quilt-free outdoor fun. Sometimes it is easier to un-clutter and organize when you get quick, visible results. Organizing your bookcases fit that description.

I recently de-cluttered my bookshelves. Now I can re-shelve a book without jamming it onto the shelf and risk damaging it or the other books. (Books crowded on a shelf are likely to become warped, and once warped are near impossible to un-warp.)

I came across this video by way of the Unclutterer blog who found it on the Swissmiss cool design blog – not hot cocoa. Take less than two minutes to view this creative stop-motion animation film by Sean Ohlenkamp and Lisa Blonder Ohlenkamp. Organzing books by topics or by author – that is so yesterday. How about organizing by color and size?

Click here to view this brief bit of inspired creativity; guaranteed to bring a smile to your face. On your second viewing, watch how the decorative objects on top of the bookcases and on the side table join in the fun.

Found books you are ready to let go of? Recycle the hopelessly out-of date (Microsoft 98 for Dummies, or How to Invest in a Boom Market) or damaged books.  Donate the rest to your local library or charity – think of it as a form of re-cycling. Or try your luck at a used book store.

Many thanks to Sean and Lisa for showing how organizing books can be fun.

How do you organize your books? Do you have a unique categorizing system. Do you have a creative bookcase or maybe organize without a bookcase. Let us know. Send us your photos.

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