Label Your Cables: The Overlooked Part of Cable Management

In my last post I wrote about liberating you and your desk from your cable outlet. But even in a Wi-Fi world there are some cables and cords that are necessary to power and connect your technology.

Label Your Cables

Label Your Cables

The icons next to the cable inputs are so small you almost have to use Braille to read them. A simple trick to help you maintain your sanity when you need to unplug something when you are troubleshooting your computer or peripherals is to have your cables labeled – at both ends. (My impression that labeling is overlooked was confirmed when I tried to find a photo of labels on a cable at my usual photo resource – there were none in over 200 photos.) Take a small strip of paper and write on it what the cable is for. Place on the cable and add a strip of clear tape to keep it in place. (Note: post-it-type tags will fall off as their adhesive is only temporary.)

Taping a label on both ends allows you to disconnect the right cord from your power strip without having to run your hand from one end of the cord to another – which can get frustrating from your position under your desk.

Labeling your cables is a good idea for the multitude of cables going into and out of your television.

Benefit: you won’t have to scramble, curse and plug and unplug cables until you find the right one.

Take a moment to label your cables and cords when you are setting up a new piece of equipment. You will thank yourself later – guaranteed.

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