In a WiFi World, Why is Your Desk Chained to Your Cable Outlet?

During a recent consultation, I helped a client relocated his desk from the darkest corner of the room to a comfortable space near a window (more about windows in a future post).

This is not uncommon. It seems to be the norm that people position there desk in a corner near the room’s cable outlet.

Home office as WiFi hotspot

Your home office is a WiFi hotspot. Take advantage of it.

You don’t think twice about using WiFi when you are away from home, but you office is still set up for cable connectivity. Now that we have WiFi connected computers, printers and smart phones we have a lot more opportunities to set up our offices to support our work and our personal workstyle.

There is no need to squeeze your work into a small area to access either your cable outlet, your computer or your electrical outlets.

  • You can move your desk our of that dark corner
  • You can place your printer where there is room for it, not have it take up valuable desk space.
  • You can work with your laptop in a comfortable reading chair.

So set up your workspace with WiFi liberation in mind. Bust loose and re-arrange your home office to fit you, not to fit your electronics.

If you are not WiFi enabled, then get extension cords. That is what Radio Shack is for.

If you would like to learn more about how to set up a home office that really works for you – using what you already own, then check out The Smarter Home Office – the book.

Photo by Hive