Quick Home Office Energizer: Open a Window and Let Light and Life In

Open a window: bring light and life into your home office. photo by Martin Pulaski

Recently I noticed that the sky looks bluer and more intense during the fall. During the summer it is a pale blue, while during the winter it often is a pale gray. We tend to focus on the brilliant colors of the changing foliage, but overlook the deeper blue that highlights the golds, reds and browns of the trees.

One of the advantages of working at home, for most of us, is a window of your own and a view of nature. We live such hermetically sealed lives – going from climate controlled homes, to heated and cooled cars, to air- and temperature-proof businesses. But between closing up everything to keep out the heat of summer and the cold of winter, we often forget to simply open a window.

The autumn and spring are wonderful times to open a window.  Not only do you bring in energizing fresh air (recycled air can get so stale and stagnant) but you can bring in the scents, sounds and scenes of the changing seasons.

If you have your home office desk near your window you will benefit even more.

Take a minute and open a window or two. Welcome the reviving energy of nature.

What view do you have out your home office window?

Photo by Martin Pulaski