Stressful Tuesdays follow Sluggish Mondays

Tuesdays are the most stressful day of the work week.
What you can do on Mondays to prevent this.

A study in the UK recently discovered that Tuesdays are the most stressful day of the week for many people. This was in contrast to Mondays, noted to be the least productive day of the week.

It is theorized that many people have a difficult time getting up to speed after a weekend away from work. I experience that as well. But instead of spending time on FaceBook or YouTube you can use Mondays to clear your desk and your to-do list of all those nagging little tasks. So when you hit your stride on Tuesdays (or the stress hormones kick in when you realize you have accomplished nothing on Monday) you will be better able to focus on the bigger tasks.

  • Send out those reminder emails for meetings, due dates for projects, and touch base with vendors or employees.
  • Reply to others’ reminders and coordinate those meetings and sign up for networking events.
  • Plan your week – carve out chunks of time to work on projects, prepare for meetings or presentation or do whatever focused writing you need to do – from reports, to white papers to newsletters. And block out those work times on your calendar.

This Monday morning I:

  • sent out emails confirming set-up details for two presentations I am giving this week,
  • emailed a calendar sign up form for a group gathering (more on this great FREE software in an upcoming post),
  • checked on the status of my book on Amazon (OK, I do that almost every day),
  • signed up to attend a networking event, and
  • contacted a support forum for help on my blog – this blog.

Now I am doing the briefer task of writing this blog

If it takes a day to get some traction on your work week, use Mondays to clear the decks and prepare for a productive and lower stress Tuesday through Friday.