How to Zoom Computer Screen: For PC and Mac

Zoom computer screen is not just for those who need glasses.

How often do you lean forward or squint to see your computer screen? One solution is to move the screen closer, a better solution is to zoom computer screen. Using your computer’s zoom function supports good home office ergonomics.

zoom computer screen, woman sitting hunched over her laptop.

Zoom computer screen will help this woman and avoid laptop hunch.

How to Zoom Computer Screen: The Simplest Way.

Reviewing home office ergonomics with a client she had her laptop on a laptop stand so the screen was at eye level – excellent. She opted to use her separate keyboard so her hands and arms did not have to reach up to her raised laptop keyboard. This would support good ergonomics and allow her hands and arms to be at elbow height and approximately parallel to the floor. But she was still leaning forward to see her computer screen clearly. I suggested the zoom feature for computer screens, but dang, I couldn’t remember how it worked.

I did some research and found a mouse trick and a keyboard trick to zoom computer screen for easier reading and browsing. This works on both PCs and Macs.

How to Zoom Computer Screen: Two Tricks and a Bonus Quick Fix

  • Hold down your “Control” (“Ctrl”) key then move the scroll wheel on your mouse to zoom in or out.
  • On your keyboard you can hold down the Control key and hit either the plus “+” key or the minus “-“ key as many times as you want to zoom in (“+”) or out (“-“).
  • If you want to restore the page size to normal, hold down the Control key and hit the zero “0” key.

This simple zoom computer screen trick works for PCs and Macs. It works on browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari, once you have arrived at the page or site you want to visit.

zoom computer screen use control key.

Control key is the “key” to zoom computer screen ease.

Zoom Computer Screen and Improved Home Office Ergonomics is a Click Away.

Once you have mastered this you can zoom your computer screen with ease. The benefits are:

  • See without squinting. This means fewer scrunch wrinkles under your eyes and forehead furrows.
  • Sit up or lean back in your chair, see easily and get the back support you bought your desk chair for.
  • Stop straining your eyes.

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PS – I typed, posted and edited this post using zoom computer screen tricks and it was sooooo much easier on my eyes and my back. Try it yourself.

Woman working at laptop image by iStockphoto

Control key image by Ervins Strauhmanis