Home Office Book Shelves Above the Window and Door.

Sometimes I Find the Best Design Ideas for Home Office Book Shelves by Looking at Homes and Offices Before Technology.

Years ago I was enamored of the charming home interiors of 19th Century Swedish artist Carl Larsson. He and his artist wife, Karin, made their simple home welcoming and unique with hand-painted and hand-woven interior design.

Carl Larsson bedroom with book shelves above the window and doorway

Books are stored within easy reach on book shelves above window and doorways.

One design feature that not only added to the coziness of their home, but was clever and practical was a set of book shelves mounted above the window and doorway of a bedroom. The bookshelves made the best use of space and allowed the wall below to be filled with art.

Modern Swedes use an updated version of this idea.

home office book shelves above a window

IKEA’s Expedit vertical bookshelf is mounted horizontally above the window. This same idea can be applied to the home office.

The Advantages of Adding a Home Office Book Shelf Above Windows, Doors and Doorways Are:

  • Using overlooked and underused space for book storage
  • Solves your book storage problems when you have limited walls space, because of windows, doors, radiators, big screen TVs, fireplaces or artwork.
  • Keeps desired books nearby, instead of overflowing into another room or onto the floor of your home office.
Beyond the home office: Book shelf over window  in family room.

Book shelf over window in family room.

Book shelves over doorway in home office

Book shelves over doorway in home office

Whether You Use a Book Case or Book Shelf in Your Home Office, Be Sure You:

  • Match the strength of the home office book shelf and the weight it will hold.
  • Use strong hardware and brackets to support this shelf.
  • Always mount the hardware into a stud within the wall.
  • Have a sturdy and safe portable ladder so you can safely get your books down.

I Don’t Recommend You Mount Book Shelves Above Your Desk or Seating Area.

  • It is difficult to safely access your books if you have to climb on your desk, reading chair, or thinking place.
  • Having home office book shelves above where you sit, work, or rest triggers an alarm system within your subconscious. Your rational mind knows the books will stay safely up there. Your subconscious will be saying “Danger! Danger!” You may not be aware of this, but this alarm will manifest itself by your behavior: avoiding sitting (and working) at your desk, feeling restless or having difficulty focusing when you work. This is called Architectural Psychology. Rather than battling your subconscious, simply set up your home office to avoid setting off those triggers.

Place Overhead Home Office Book Shelves Around Your Room, Except Over Your Desk and Sitting Area.

Pictures: Carl Larsson, IKEA, Pinterest Book Shelves.