Home Office Pictures Without Nail Holes

Home Office Pictures Stress-free and Nail-free.

A boring home office is just as unproductive as a cluttered home office. Having artwork in your home office is more than pretty, it is important to your function.

A big stumbling block for home office pictures may be the thought of hanging a picture and getting it wrong, Or having a wall peppered with nail holes if you change their mind or artwork.

I have been recommending this product to home office clients for years and now it is time to share this with you: 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips®. 3M is the people who brought you Post-It® notes. They are the experts in all things adhesive.
The Command picture hanging system:

  • mounts easily,
  • removes easily and
  • leaves no marks on your wall.
home office pictures wall without nail holes

Personalize your home office with artwork – without nail holes

I used these picture hanging strips to hang a full length mirror on the back of a hollow-core door in my bedroom. With strips at top and bottom it has stayed in place for several years now. No problems. I have used Command Clips in the kitchen and removed them without any marks.

2 Features About These Hanging Stips Make Them Unique:

  1. Removable adhesive strips that attach to the wall and the picture frame.
  2. Specialized velcro-type fasteners that attach the strips on the frame to the strips on the wall.
home office pictures command picture hanging strips

Command Picture Hanging Strips are the secret to home office picture display without stress or nail holes.

To make it easier to hang home office pictures, they come in different sizes and the package tells you how much weight a set will support. (If in doubt, you can always use a couple more.)

2 New additions to the Command line are:

  1. Picture Hanging Strips in black to go with black frames
  2. A “Sticky Hook” to use with frames with a wire hanger.

How-To-Use Tips for Picture Hanging Strips:

Follow the directions on the package to the letter:

  • Clean the area where you will place the picture with alcohol before you start
  • Be sure your wall is smooth enough – regular painted drywall works well. More textured surfaces, such as stucco, don’t. Not recommended for use on wallpaper.
  • Allow a full hour for the strips on the wall to set before you attach the picture.

Here is a brief video that shows you the basic steps to using the Command Picture Hanging Strips.Use this for your home office pictures.

If this helps you to think that you can place home office pictures to check out these links for inspiration on home office art.

The Command Hanging System is available almost anywhere: box stores, office supply stores, hardware stores, and craft stores.

Picture hanging without nail holes is a great idea – or gift – for someone who is moving into a dorm room or rental apartment soon.

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